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Hay and dried herbs


Burgess Excel Chamomile Herbage 500 g (Pack of 5)

100 Percent natural ingredients

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Burgess Excel Country Garden Herbs Snacks 120 g (Pack of 5)

Delicious mix of herbs and flowers

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Burgess Excel Mountain Meadow Herbs Snacks 120 g (Pack of 5)

Naturally high in beneficial fibre 30 percent

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Pillow Wad Maxi Meadow Hay, 3.75 Kg, Pack of 3

Pack of 3. Dust Extracted & Unchopped

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Burns Meadow Mix

Burns Meadow Mix

A unique mix of wild flowers and herbs that can be used as a healthy treat for your rabbit

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Product-Burns Plantain 100g

Burns Plantain 100g

Burns Plantain 100g a dried herb your rabbit will love. Helps improve digestion

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Burns Dandelion

Burns dandelion is a delicious dried plant that is full of natural fibre, excellent for the support of digestive function

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Friendly ReadiGrass, 1kg

The fibrous nature of the grass helps to reduce the risk of overgrown teeth.

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Value Pack of 6 - Pettex Meadow Hay - Sweet Scented & Meadow Fresh

Pettex Meadow Hay – Value Pack of 6

Sweet Scented & Meadow Fresh – Value Pack of 6

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