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Best4bunny is a trusted and established website & magazine where you can source a wealth of information about rabbits. A place where bunny parents can come together and celebrate what wonderful bundles of joy our rabbits truly are.

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Latest issue – Autumn 2021
Another jam-packed issue just for you!

Full of uplifting and heartwarming stories. How a four year old’s pocket money donation helped a rabbit rescue. Easy to follow bunny health checks from head to tail that you can do at home. How the magical bunnies on Peacebunny Island are helping so many people. Read all about the wonderful Fat Fluffs rescue. Find more Instagram bunny friends to follow and not forgetting lots of great products and giveaways.

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Best4bunny Handbook

Your complete guide to caring for rabbits the right way.
Whether new to rabbits or experienced, this book will give you a generous dose of easy-to-follow friendly advice on caring for rabbits in the best way possible.
You’ll find lots of useful, practical tips, tricks and countless inspirational ideas throughout this book to help keep your bunnies happy and healthy.