10 incorrect opinions made about rabbits, corrected!

Shocked from what we read on a forum recently where someone asked the question ‘Does a bunny rabbit make a good pet?’ We felt it only right to speak up for bunnies and correct the faulty thinking and awful comments some people made about rabbits.


1. Rabbits are dirty & smell.

Rabbits are very clean animals and do not smell. If you’re not looking after them properly and only cleaning them out once a week (if that) then they will smell, same as any dog, cat or even human would smell. Rabbits are constantly cleaning themselves & if you look after them the way you should and keep their home clean, then they are the sweetest smelling bundles of fluff!

2. Rabbits are aggressive and will not sit on your lap.

Firstly there is more to rabbits than having them sit on your lap. Some rabbits will become aggressive when you do this as they are acting in a natural way to protect themselves because they are prey animals. Sit next to them on the floor instead and they will cuddle up to you for hours.

3. Rabbits are nasty, mean animals & they claw you.

If a rabbit is not happy then they will become aggressive, but as we have said before, they are acting in a natural way to protect themselves. They will always see you as a predator until they learn to trust you. If you provide them with an ideal spacious home with lots of toys and all the proper food they need and if you spend time with them and don’t constantly try to pick them up, then you will have one very friendly loving companion!

4. Buy from a breeder who has handled the young rabbits to make sure they are friendly.

Wrong in so many ways. Baby rabbits should not be handled from as early as possible to make them friendly. Do not buy from a breeder or a pet shop, always adopt! There are so many beautiful healthy rabbits waiting in rescues for a loving home.

5. It’s just male rabbits that need neutering.

Females need to be done too, not just so they can’t have babies but for many health reasons also.

6. Rabbits require a lot of attention otherwise they become mean.

They do require a lot of attention, but it’s your job to spend time with them & provide all that they need. If they are left alone at the bottom of your garden with nothing to do, then you would expect them to become mean & that’s because they are frustrated and unhappy!

7. Rabbits chew everything in your house.

If you don’t protect things in your house they will chew things, because your house is a box of toys to a rabbit and this is them acting naturally. It’s easy to bunny proof your house & it is easy to train them also.

8. Rabbits constantly chew up their cage

Ask the question why were they chewing it? Did they have anything else to do in there? Was their home big enough for them? Could it be that they were chewing it because they were unhappy and wanted to get out? If a rabbit is happy in their home & they have lots of toys, including chew toys & an exercise area, then you wouldn’t have this problem. A happy rabbit won’t constantly chew at their home.

9. Rabbits don’t care to be held, so where is the fun in that?

So many people think rabbits like to be held and cuddled. A few rabbits do, but most don’t because they become terrified the minute they are lifted off the floor and held. They think you are a predator which is why most will struggle to get away. There is so much more to a rabbit than being held! Spend time with them, keep them on the floor also and you will really get to know your rabbit the proper way and see how much fun rabbits are.

10. Rabbits are timid & unsociable.

They are naturally timid animals and you need to gain their trust and they then become your best friend. All bunnies have fantastic personalities, every one is different & they are far from unsociable. Bunnies love company from other rabbits and from us humans too. They are a very sociable animal, full of fun and will make you laugh every day.

Here are some comments made from people that clearly did look after their bunnies correctly and enjoyed a wonderful life together…

*Rabbits are super friendly & fun

*Rabbits are easy to train and they love attention

*Rabbits need a lot of space

*Rabbits can be a lot of work but it’s worth it

*Rabbits can be a great pet but they are best for older children

*Rabbits are very fragile

*Rabbits are not low maintenance pets

*Rabbits are very sweet and can be easily trained to use the litter box.

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