14 life improving ways you can steal from your rabbit


We all know that rabbits love to live a super healthy lifestyle and you can join them. Don’t just do the following for your rabbit, start doing them for yourself too!

1.Eat a healthy vegetarian diet

2.Graze little and often through the day


3.Be most active in the morning & evening & relax more throughout the day

4.Take regular naps & aim for 8 hours sleep a day


5.Do some yoga type stretches regularly throughout the day

6.Wash regularly to keep yourself clean and smelling good

7.Except that treats should be limited

8.Be happy and don’t let silly things get you down

9.Demand relaxing head massages from your partner


10.Have someone wait on you hand & foot

11.Get lots of daily exercise

12.Enjoy a little sunshine to top up your vitamin D, but not too much!

13.Live life to the full & be continuously grateful

14.Learn to love unconditionally