20 Lessons worth learning from your rabbit


Observing bunnies is fascinating and you can learn so much from them and their lifestyles. Below are some valuable lessons we should all pinch from our rabbits…

1. Your never too old to be playful & to act the clown

2. When you’re feeling happy, jump up in the air & run around at great speed


3. Early mornings are the best time of the day

4. Always wake up full of energy & ready for the day ahead

5. Be quick to forgive & don’t hold grudges


6. Take your time to trust people

7. Learn to love unconditionally

8. Always be loyal & faithful to those you love

9. It’s good to eat at set times everyday


10. Eat a healthy diet that suits your stomach

11. Get plenty of daily exercise

12. Make your home homely by rearranging things around

13. Snuggle up to your partner often


14. Keep yourself well groomed & don’t forget to wash behind your ears

15. Stretch regularly throughout the day

16. It is so important to feel relaxed & content

17. Be curious & take in everything that surrounds you


18. Listen to nature and all it’s sounds

19. Be grateful & appreciate all you have

20. Be happy & love life