Amazing products for rabbits reviewed!

The Best4bunny rabbits have once again been busy reviewing some fantastic bunny products this month, courtesy of Small Pet Select.

What the bunnies tested:

Small pet Select 3rd cutting Timothy Hay

Premium quality Timothy based rabbit food

Organic Meadow Ball

Flower Power Berry Boost


Small pet Select 3rd cutting Timothy Hay

After the success of the Best4bunny bunnies loving the 2nd cutting Timothy Hay, we was keen to see what the difference was with the 3rd cutting Timothy hay that Small Pet Select offer.

Once again it arrived in a lovely box and was crammed full o fabulous smelling, great quality hay.

The 3rd cutting Timothy hay is very soft, and very leafy, with little stem. Full of fibre and fibre is what rabbits need each & every day to help you prevent all kinds of GI and dental issues.

The less picky of our bunnies loved it and it has made a great addition to their daily hay mix.

The picky buns were not so sure at first, they actually preferred the harder 2nd cutting Timothy hay. But after mixing it in with other hay types, they are happily eating it.

It’s so important to provide different textures of hay to rabbits as they chew each texture in a different way and this variety of chewing actions helps to keep their teeth from overgrowing.

To buy the 3rd cutting Timothy hay in the UK – visit here

To buy the 3rd cutting Timothy hay in the US – visit here

Premium quality Timothy based rabbit food

A lot of care has gone into producing these pellets for rabbits and you can really tell. It’s a Timothy hay based rabbit pellet and you can actually see the hay in them. The pellets are made in small batches and are full of essential vitamins and minerals that rabbits need.

As with any new foods, you have to introduce them slowly to rabbits so you don’t upset their stomachs. We have been doing just that over the past few weeks.

The results are that the less picky bunnies are loving them and did not hesitate to try them.

Some of the picky bunnies took a while at first to get interested in them, but now love them.

The really picky bunnies are still not so sure. They are preferring to eat their ‘normal’ pellets first and leaving the new ones, but that is perfectly normal in rabbits.

That said we will still keep feeding our bunnies these fabulous pellets. You can actually see them chewing them for longer, which is great for their teeth and also great as it makes their food last longer. If any bunny parents are worried their rabbit is not eating any or enough hay, then why not try these pellets. They are made from a great quality Timothy hay, so you know your rabbit is getting some hay from somewhere!

To buy the Timothy based rabbit food in the UK – visit here

To buy the Timothy based rabbit food in the US – visit here

Organic Meadow Ball

A great little boredom buster for rabbits. It’s hand made out of meadow grass & twisted and wrapped into a ball. Full of fibre goodness, should you rabbit decide to eat it. If they prefer to just play with it, then that’s great too. Our bunnies did both, some part demolished it and some have just enjoyed throwing it about. A great buy!

To buy the Organic meadow ball in the UK – visit here

To buy the Organic meadow ball in the US – visit here


Flower Power Berry Boost

A very pretty mixture that smells wonderful.

A safe, chemical-free organic bouquet that is healthy for rabbits. It contains Calendula, Red Clover, Lavender, Rose Petals, Elder Flowers, Hibiscus, Hawthorne Berries, and rose Hips.

We placed a very small amount in front of the bunnies and of course the non picky bunnies ate them straight away.

The more picky bunnies took one smell of them, turned their nose up and turned away (charming)but then, we are happy to say, they turned back & happily ate them.

You only need to use a small amount of this mix daily and it would be great to scatter amongst your rabbit’s hay mix to add some variety and different smells. But with picky bunnies, maybe just place in one place at first, so you don’t put them of their hay eating! We are sure all the picky bunnies will get used to it in no time and, as with all treats, be begging for more!

To buy the Flower Power Berry Boost in the UK – visit here

To buy the Flower Power Berry Boost in the US – visit here

To find more great Small Pet Select products visit their UK website here

or visit their US website here