Fun rabbit toys made from items in your house!

Here is a list of items that make ideal toys for bunny rabbits and the great thing is most of these items are already going to be in your house! So lots of fun rabbit toys to keep your bunny entertained at no extra cost!


Phone books

Rabbits love to rip and shred these up and scratch at them too.


Rabbits love to bunch them up and rearrange them with their front paws. Very cute to watch, but just make sure they don’t try and eat them.

Metal lids

Like jam jar lids – rabbits will love to throw these about.

Cereal boxes & tissue boxes.

Bunnies will love to tear these up and throw them about. You can stuff them with hay & a couple of treats to make it more interesting. Just make sure they cannot get their head stuck.

Plastic bowls.

Your rabbit will love to throw these about the place. Just make sure you are not in the way!

Baby toys

Hard plastic baby toys are ideal for bunnies to throw about.


You could be surprised at just how much some rabbits will love playing around with a football.

Small flower pots

Ideal little toys for rabbits to throw around.

Paper towel or toilet roll tubes

Fill with hay and a treat for your bunny to have fun with, or bunch a few together with a cable tie to make an interesting toy.

Cardboard boxes or a flat piece of cardboard

Cardboard boxes can be made into little houses and provide hours of fun for your bunnies. Just carve a doorway & a window out of them and away you go. Or with a simple flat piece of cardboard – simply attach with a cable tie to some mesh wire and watch them flip it about and demolish it.

Large flower pots

Cut out the bottom and lay them on their side for a fun little tunnel to run in and out of. Your rabbit may enjoy just sitting in it too. Just make sure there are no sharp edges left and also secure them against a wall if your rabbit is likely to try and jump on top of it.

Plastic under bed storage containers

Fill with hay, paper or soil for a great dig tray.

Empty coke bottles or plastic containers with lids

Fill with stones or pebbles to make a fun rattle toy for them to move about. (Empty Protexin Pro Fibre pellet containers are great for this)

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