Millie’s story – For all the bunnies stuck in hutches!

Please read Millie’s story and share it far and wide.

Not just for her, but for all the bunnies stuck in hutches!

Written by Love Paws Animal Rescue  (@lovepawsrescue)

My heart feels broken but almost a little relieved.

I went out to walk the dogs and pick up some washing. When I got back Millie had fallen into her forever sleep.

I always end up offering the worst off rabbits a permanent home here at my rescue, even though I know I will get my heart broken again and again.

Despite regular health checks at the vets, I knew Millie was feeling more poorly.

She was on even stronger pain killers and for some reason now struggling to maintain weight too.

Everyone who knows me, knows I would of paid anything to try and fix her and give her a life free of pain.

Before arriving at the rescue, Millie lived in a small hutch for 5 and a half years.

Because rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk, she was not able to exercise her muscles properly.

Because she spent hours shut in a hutch, when her humans were at work, her bone density was very poor.

She also spent those 5 and a half years alone.

When Millie came to Love Paws Animal Rescue she was TERRIFIED of other rabbits, for a while.

But then she met her best friend Apple and she transformed in to a beautiful, loving bunny.

Sadly, a few weeks ago Millie stomped. Yes, stomped like bunnies do. And because her muscles and bone density were so weak combined with her age and pervious poor diet, she managed to completely push one hip out of place and fracture the other.

She also has arthritis in her spine.

She lost the use of her back legs for a few weeks but with some physio I’m happy to say she could hop again.

This is all due to being shut in a hutch and her previous humans not taking getting a rabbit seriously.

Shutting a rabbit in a hutch, that does not meet the minimum requirements or have a run attached for exercise, for any amount of time is WRONG. There are ZERO excuses.

I BEG people just take the time to research as to why bunnies needs lots of space, all hours of the day.

If you message me and say “we’ve been told this hutch is okay, but could you please give us some advice” that’s fine. I would be more than happy to give advice.

It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to make mistakes. But please make an effort to correct them.


Don’t let anymore rabbits suffer like Millie did.

If she had space to run and exercise her muscles in the first place, she would still be here right now.

Millie spent 40% of her life shut in a hutch.

10% at our rescue living the bunny dream.

And the other 50% dead.


Dearest Millie,

You don’t have to feel pain anymore.

You was such a beautiful soul.

Binky free you brave brave girl.

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The RWAF and PDSA think the minimum set up for rabbits is a 6 x 2 x 2 ft hutch and an 8ft run. The run must have room for toys, digging places and tunnels. Rabbits can run and display normal behaviours in here.

Always think the bigger, the better!

Rabbits need space to live!

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