Rabbit behaviour – 10 of the cutest things bunnies do

Saying their prayers

To watch rabbits clean their beautiful little faces with their front paws and then carefully clean each ear, you can’t help but melt. Made even cuter by the fact they look like they are saying their prayers.


Falling in love!

Bonded bunnies are adorable to watch when they snuggle up. They love nothing more than to cuddle up close to their partners when sleeping or just relaxing.


Caring for their other halves!

Watching one bunny clean another is wonderful, but can be funny too. They take it in turns and take such care. But sometimes one rabbit may not put in as much effort as the other rabbit does and will insist on cleaning them for only a few seconds before burying their head to the floor waiting to be cleaned themselves again.


Flops & Binkies

Two of the cutest things to witness a bunny doing are Happy flops – when they all of a sudden flop onto their side…


…and Binkies – when they get the wind up their tail and go a little crazy, running at speed and jumping and twisting in the air. Knowing they do this because they are happy can’t fail to make you feel happy too!



Watching their little mouths whilst they are munching away on their food is so adorable and funny too. Try laying on the floor in front of them to get a better view.


Stretching & yawning

Just like a dog or a cat (& us humans), bunnies love a big stretch after they have finished snoozing. Just watch how much space they take up to do these stretches & how they push their little bottoms into the air. Usually the yawn will come at the end of the stretch and all of a sudden your bunny looks like a roaring lion!

Nodding off & dreaming

Watching your bunnies head nodding when they are dropping off to sleep is very cute. Watch out for the little twitches they make with their eyes, heads and legs too whilst they are in the land of nod. Ever wondered what they are dreaming about?


Being cheeky

Bunnies have moods and can be very cheeky with them. Lots of bunnies will give you the run around and bunnies can ignore you too. Rude but still extremely cute!


Being mean

Bunnies can be very mean sometimes to their partners when food is involved. They will try their hardest to block them from getting to the food or treats. Stealing food from the other and running off with it is quite a common sight. Food squabbles are the cutest.



Bunnies will try many ways to get your attention when begging for a treat. The gentle nudge is cute. Tugging at your trouser leg is not so cute. Standing up on their back legs is the cutest.


Bunny behaviour at it’s best!