Rabbit behaviour quiz – How much do you know about the way bunnies behave?


1. When a rabbit’s tail is raised and their ears go back…

A) They are happy & want to play

B )They feel threatened and are about to attack

2. When a rabbit suddenly flops on to it’s side from standing…

A) They feel afraid and threatened

B) They are very happy & relaxed

3. The best way to gain a rabbit’s trust is to…

A) Keep them on the floor, get down to their level & let them explore you

B) Pick them up & carry them about with you

4. If a rabbit grunts loudly at you…

A) They are warning you to back off out of their space

B) They are letting you know they like you

5. If a rabbit grinds it’s teeth loudly and continuously…

A) They are happy

B) They are in pain

6. If a rabbit grinds it’s teeth quietly & softly whilst you are fussing them…

A) They are enjoying what you are doing

B) They dislike what you are doing

7. A binky is when a rabbit suddenly jumps in the air and runs in different directions, at great speed.They do this when they…

A) Are really happy

B) Are really confused

8. Rabbits are most active…

A) During the day time

B) At dawn & dusk

9. A rabbit will sleep for…

A) Up to 8 hours a day by taking short, regular naps

B) Up to 8 hours a day in one go

10. Rabbits can sleep with their eyes open…

A) True

B) False

11. When a rabbit thumps their back feet continuously…

A) They are happy

B) They sense danger

12. When a rabbit thumps his back foot only once…

A) They are really happy

B) They are annoyed (usually with you)


1.B 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.B 6.A 7.A 8.B 9.A 10.A 11.B 12.B