Rabbit Hygiene – Simple ways to help keep your bunnies super clean!

Did you know rabbits are very fastidious when it comes to personal hygiene. If you observe a bunny closely you will witness their extreme cleaning routine. It is so precise and so lovely to watch them take such great care of themselves and their partners. You will witness them cleaning themselves many times, day and night.

Even though rabbits are brilliant at keeping themselves clean they will still need a little extra help from you and the good news is there are many simple ways you can help.

It is not just about keeping their home nice and clean, even though that is extremely important for you to do. You need to do things like brush your rabbit regularly (especially when they are moulting), trim their nails and carry out simple health checks. Checking their eyes, teeth and skin can all help towards your bunny’s hygiene.

For bunnies that are not as mobile as they used to be, whether due to old age, being overweight or suffering with arthritis, their cleaning routine will become very difficult for them to carry out on their own and they will depend on you for the extra help.

Here at Best4bunny we love to test out products for bunnies. We recently tested some products from Beaphar that can help towards your bunny’s hygiene. Our Best4bunny buns always prefer the edible, tasty treats to test rather than health products. Never mind buns, these products are for your own health benefits!

Keep your rabbit’s home super-duper clean!

We have always said, if you wouldn’t lay down in your bunny’s home, then don’t expect your bunny to.

It is super important to make sure their home is clean and in tip-top condition, every single day. Obviously it’s not as easy to keep your bunny’s home tidy, as we all know how bunnies like to rearrange their home to how they want it to look. That is fine! We are not talking about tidiness, we are talking about keeping it clean.

Rabbits do not smell, their fur is odourless. Their homes should be kept so clean that their homes do not smell either.

Litter trays are great to use in our bunny’s homes. Rabbits are easy to litter train and it makes it so quick and easy to clean out your bunny’s home when they use a tray. It takes minutes, so there is no excuse in putting it off for another day. 

We recommend using newspaper to line the trays, along with a sprinkle of woodshavings or pellets in the corners they use to pee and poop and then cover with lots and lots of hay.

To keep their trays even fresher scatter a little of Beaphar cage fresh granules in with the woodshavings or pellets before covering with hay. These granules contain friendly-microbes technology. Urine is instantly neutralised and broken down to harmless by-products which don’t smell. Harmless to pets and people.


Available to buy from Amazon.co.uk

Also available from all good pet shops and other online retailers.


When it comes to cleaning out your rabbit’s litter tray you can go that little bit further and use a pet-friendly disinfectant to help remove bacteria and viruses. Beaphar Deep Clean disinfectant kills 99.9% of bacteria and provides long-lasting protection. It smells amazing, too.

Available to buy from Amazon.co.uk

Also available from all good pet shops and other online retailers.

PLEASE NOTE: By keeping your bunny’s home clean you will be helping to keep many heath issues at bay.

Here we look Fly strike and Mites.

Say goodbye to those menacing Mites

Bunnies can suffer with mites and you will know this by seeing white dandruff looking particles when you part their fur. Signs your bunny is suffering is when they scratch a lot and keep going to bite at parts of their back. Flea combs are great for using on a daily basis to help rid your bunny of these mites, but we also recommend using a treatment to get rid of the little mites quickly.

Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On contains ivermectin which kills the mites. It also kills fleas, lice, and roundworms. It’s easy to use and comes with 4 pipette applications. Each application lasts up to 4 weeks.

All you have to do is twist off the cap and squeeze the entire contents of the pipette on to the back of your bunny’s neck. Separate the fur as much as possible and apply to skin. 

If your bunny is bonded with a partner, keep the partner from grooming the bunny you have treated until the solution has dried.

Available to buy from Amazon.co.uk

Also available from all good pet shops and other online retailers.

(Not to be used on animals less than 8 weeks of age)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are concerned that your rabbit may be suffering from parasites – contact your vet for advice.


Protection against Fly strike

Fly strike is something all bunny parents dread and something we should be very aware of. Checking our bunnies bottoms every day is extremely important and not just on hot summer days, but all year round!

All bunnies can get a dirty bottom every now and then, but if your bunny has a soiled rear end on a regular basis then take a look at their diet. Keep a food diary and try to work out what foods are not agreeing with your bunny’s digestive system.

Encouraging your bunny to eat more hay really helps to keep their digestive system healthy. Decreasing pellets can help encourage your bunny to eat more hay.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to bath rabbits if they have a dirty bottom. Bathing rabbits can be very dangerous. To clean a rabbit’s bottom use a metal comb and damp tissues.

For added reassurance that our bunnies are safe from those disgusting flies we fear so much, you can use a treatment to protect your bunnies. But do not rely on this alone. Keep checking those bottoms.

Beaphar Fly Guard provides lasting protection from Fly Strike. It comes in a spray bottle and is easy to apply. It has a table on the packaging to confirm how many squirts to use on your bunny depending on their weight. Make sure your bunny’s rear end is nice and clean and dry before using the product and spray from a distance of 15cm. You can repeat the treatment every 3 months for continued protection.

Available to buy from Amazon.co.uk 

Also available from all good pet shops and other online retailers.

(Not to be used on rabbits less than 10 weeks of age)

PLEASE NOTE: If you see signs your rabbit is suffering from Flystrke – contact your vet immediately.