The sad truth that faces rabbits & rescues at Easter time

Easter is the worst time of year for rabbits and rabbit rescues. The word Easter fills rabbit lovers with fear & dread because we know this time of year means the numbers of neglected and abandoned rabbits will escalate over the days and weeks that follow the Easter holidays. Here are the reasons why this keeps happening…


1.Pet shops will stock up with cute fluffy baby rabbits from breeders.

2.The aim is to sell as many rabbits over Easter as they possible can – and that means selling to anyone that will have them.

3.Many people will buy a baby rabbit on impulse – just because it is Easter.

4.Most parents wanting to buy a baby rabbit for their children, will flock to pet shops.

5.Most people have not done any background work on educating themselves about rabbit care and have not taken the time to decide if a rabbit is right for them.

6.Baby rabbits are handed over to these people without educating them fully on the important care a rabbit needs.

7.Most parents only allow their child to have a bunny on the basis their child does everything to care for the new pet. The parents do not want to get involved, as they do not want to add to their daily workload – this is a recipe for disaster already.

8.If these parents would read all about rabbits and the care rabbits need beforehand, then they would realise a rabbit is definitely not a suitable pet for a young child to look after.

9.Some people buy two rabbits, as the pet shop staff may advise them that two rabbits are better, as they need company (Which is true). Unfortunately, they may not tell them about the importance of spaying/neutering, and this then results in unwanted litters of baby rabbits.

10.Sadly it is also very common that rabbits are incorrectly sexed. This also contributes to unwanted litters, as many new owners will think they have chosen two girls or two boys.

11.Even if the rabbits are not male & female, all rabbits still need to be neutered/ spayed for health reasons and also to avoid the rabbits fighting with each other once they reach maturity, but many people are oblivious to this.

12.Most people will buy the housing for their new rabbit from the pet shop, the same time they purchase the rabbit, as they are buying on impulse and don’t have anything at home ready. Sadly many pet shops do not always promote the right housing for rabbits, as they do not have the space to display or stock ideal large spacious housing for rabbits. Most pet shops only have cages/hutches on display that are far too small and far from ideal. This then results in those bunnies living a life of misery stuck in these awful tiny cages/hutches, with little or no exercise.

Once Easter holidays are over, most of these rabbits bought will end up neglected & abandoned. It will be the rescues that are there to pick up the pieces once again!

This happens to rabbits purchased on impulse, all year round, but at Easter the numbers dramatically escalate

Somehow the already full rescues will have to cope with more abandoned rabbits and some probably still have the abandoned rabbits from last Easter and the Easter before that!

Please spread the word that people need to Adopt from a rescue if they want to bring a rabbit into their family

  • For more information on adopting a rabbit and why it is always best to adopt visit Buying a bunny