Simple ways to health check your rabbit

Rabbit health checks are an essential part of caring for oour bunnies. You need to check your rabbits are in tip-top condition on a regular basis. Follow our list below for some very simple ways to check your bunnies.

If you spot any signs or if you are unsure of anything or you feel your bunny is not acting as they normally do, then contact your vet asap. Rabbits can hide their illnesses very well, so the quicker you spot a sign and you act on it, the better.


Nose clean & dry?

Check no discharge

Eyes clean & bright?

Check no runny eyes

Ears clean & dry?

Check for wax or ear mites (dark crust)

Give your rabbit a good brush all over

Brush out any matted fur – never cut off matted fur as you could cut the skin

Skin & fur even & shiny?

Check for dandruff which could be mites

Feet clean & dry?

Check for sore patches, soiled fur or matted fur

Check for abscesses/ lumps all over

Especially check around ears, eyes and jaw

Check for inflamed skin

Red skin patches that feel hot could be the start of an abscess

Tail & bottom clean & dry?

Use a comb and baby wipes if you need to clean

Check if scent glands are clean

If there is a dark waxy substance then they need cleaning. Gently use a damp cotton bud or a cotton bud with a bit of vaseline on to remove the substance

Apply fly strike spray

Rear guard or F10 spray are the most effective. Make a note of when you need to reapply it

Check droppings

Check no signs of diarrhea or a change in shape & size to droppings

Check for wet fur around sides of mouth

Could mean dental problems

Check for small lumps along jaw line

Could be dental problems

Check if nails need trimming

Shouldn’t be longer than their fur (Please note: This does not apply to the very short haired breeds like rex)

Download our Free rabbit health check form here

  • For more in-depth advice on rabbit health visit Health & MOT