Take the rabbit quiz – Test your knowledge on bunnies


Test your knowledge on rabbits with our quiz. Good luck!

1. What should a rabbit eat the most of & be provided with unlimited amounts of each day?

  • a) Pellets
  • b) Vegetables
  • c) Hay

2. How many naps can a rabbit take every day?

  • a) 2 naps
  • b) 10 naps
  • c) 18 naps

3. How long can a rabbit sleep for each day?

  • a) 4.4 hours
  • b) 8.4 hours
  • c) 12.4 hours

4. A rabbit can sleep with their eyes open

  • a) True
  • b) False

5. How many eyelids does a rabbit have?

  • a) 1
  • b) 2
  • c) 3

6. Which of the following signs tell you your rabbit may be sick?

  • a) They are not eating their food
  • b) A change in shape/texture to their droppings
  • c) They are much quieter than normal
  • d) They let you pick them up when they usually don’t
  • e) All of the above

7. A rabbit can see behind them without rotating their head.

  • a) True
  • b) False

8. Why should carrots be fed as a small treat only?

  • a) Carrots can turn a rabbit orange
  • b) Carrots are high in sugar and can make a rabbit fat and rot their teeth
  • c) Carrots will give rabbits an attitude like Bugs bunny

9. Why do rabbits grate their teeth loudly?

  • a) They are happy
  • b) They are in pain
  • c) They are cleaning their teeth

10. When does a rabbit’s teeth stop growing?

  • a) At 1 year old
  • b) At 3 years old
  • c) Never

11. How fast can a rabbit run?

  • a) 5-20 mph
  • b) 25-45 mph

12. Why do all rabbits need to be neutered or spayed?

  • a) To improve their health
  • b) It calms down their hormones
  • c) To stop unwanted litters
  • d) It stops them spraying
  • e) All of the above

13. Which of the following hay types should not be fed daily as it is too fattening?

  • a) Meadow hay
  • b) Alfalfa hay
  • c) Timothy hay

14. Why should you introduce new foods to a rabbits diet gradually?

  • a) Because they have very sensitive stomachs
  • b) Because it could give them diarrhoea
  • c) Because it may not suit them
  • d) All of the above

15. How long can rabbits live?

  • a) 2-4 years
  • b) 5-7 years
  • c) 10+years

16. Rabbits are sociable animals and need company

  • a) True
  • b) False

Here are the answers…

  • 1) c
  • 2) c
  • 3) b
  • 4) a
  • 5) c
  • 6) e
  • 7) a
  • 8) b
  • 9) b

So now you know the following…

  • Rabbits need unlimited amounts of hay provided in their diet every day.
  • There teeth never stop growing, which is why hay is so important in their diet, as it helps to stop their teeth from overgrowing.
  • Alfalfa hay should be fed very sparingly or not at all, as it is very rich & fattening. All other hays can be fed in unlimited amounts. Alfalfa hay is really only needed for baby rabbits or for older rabbits that need to gain weight.
  • Rabbits take a lot of naps, so therefore you need to provide them with a nice quiet bedroom area to sleep in.
  • If you watch your rabbits behaviour daily, you will be able to spot early signs when they are sick. The earlier you spot the signs the better. A rabbits health can deteriorate dramatically in less than 24 hours.
  • Rabbits grating their teeth loudly is a bad sign, as they are in pain & you should contact your vet.However, grating their teeth quietly is the equivalent to a cat purring & you may hear this when you are fussing them.
  • Carrots are not healthy for rabbits & only a small piece should be fed as a treat.
  • Rabbits can run very fast, so plenty of room is needed for them to exercise.
  • All rabbits need to be neutered/spayed for lots of health reasons.
  • Rabbits are very sociable and need company either from you or other rabbits. Without company they can become bored and depressed.