The things bunnies do that really annoy you

Many bunny lovers may be able to relate to the following annoying little things that bunnies do. (Don’t let their size fool you) If you live with bunnies, you will know that they can be very demanding and they really do like to be the ones in charge!


1.They won’t stay still long enough for you to give them all the bunny kisses you want to give them

2.The way they grunt at you & you have no idea what you have done wrong

3.The way they make you into their bunny slave


4.The way they run off and twitch their rear end at you, when you are trying to supervise them

5.The way they do a fantastic binky the minute you give up trying to video them doing one

6.When they are usually up to something naughty the minute your back is turned

Best4bunny up to no good

7.The surprise nudges you get from them in areas that really are quite sensitive

8.The friendly nips that sometimes aren’t as gentle as they think they are

9.The way they do noisy DIY to their houses in the very early hours

10.When they show no interest in the new toy you have just bought them

11.They get so impatient & over excited & bump into things when it is time for treats


12.They tell you when exercise time is over – you don’t tell them

13.They won’t stay still long enough to get a decent photo, so you can show your friends how utterly adorable they are

14.They let you know when they want time away from you


15.They turn their nose up at the fresh vegetables, when you change shops

16.The fact they are awake at 5am on the dot every day

17.The way they make you feel guilty if you attempt to have a lie-in

18.The way they ignore you after you have taken them to the vets


19.The way they sleep during the day and you have to tip toe around them

20.They insist on changing their new neat & tidy home to how they want it – usually nice & messy

Now lets be truthful… all the above doesn’t really annoy us bunny lovers, it’s what makes us love our bunnies even more!