What’s your rabbit’s personality type?


Bunnies have huge personalities & great characters. Sadly many people seem to think all rabbits do is eat, sleep & poop & these people could not be more wrong. If you spend time with your bunnies & love & care for them the right way, you will know that they are bursting with personality. Find out which personality best describes your bunny by simply answering our questions below.

At exercise/play time, does your bunny

  • a) Act quite calmly throughout, but performs a few gentle binkies now & then.
  • b) Act quite calmly at first, but then comes lots of amazing binkies & running full speed in all directions, then relaxes.
  • c) Straight from the word go, runs madly round at a ridiculous speed. Changes direction every second & has no concern for anything or anybody that may be in the way & shows no signs of getting tired.

How does your bunny get your attention

  • a) They sit in front of you & stare at you.
  • b) They pull at the bottom of your trousers or head butt your leg.
  • c) They make as much noise as they can with their toys, or anything else that is to hand to throw around.

After taking a trip to the vets, does your bunny

  • a) Act perfectly normal.
  • b) Grunt at you & thump their foot in protest, when they get home.
  • c) Ignore you for at least 4 hours (or until feeding time)

When it comes to cleaning out your rabbit’s home, does your bunny

  • a) Just let you get on with it.
  • b) Insist on helping (or as we see it, get in the way)
  • c) Change the position of everything to the way they want it.

Bunnies love to investigate areas that are ‘out of bounds’, does your bunny

  • a) Come straight back when found out.
  • b) Run off in the opposite direction, shaking their rear end at you, once found out.
  • c) Carry on investigating and completely ignore you.

When it’s feeding time, does your bunny

  • a) Calmly sit and wait for the food to be served.
  • b) Get very excited & charge around full speed, in all directions.
  • c) Grab the food out of the bowl & send everything flying in the process.

When it’s treat time, does your bunny

  • a) Politely sit and wait for the treat & gently take it out of your hand.
  • b) Beg just like a dog does & then snatch it out of your hand.
  • c) Pinch the treat when you are not looking & then quickly runs off with it.

When brushing your bunny, do they

  • a) Sit perfectly still.
  • b) Constantly try to turn the opposite way you want them to face.
  • c) Toss everything that is in their reach about, in protest.

When it comes to kisses & cuddles, does your bunny

  • a) Always enjoy lots of love & attention & will sit still for hours.
  • b) Tell you when it’s fuss time & for how long (usually when they are about to have a nap)
  • c) Refuse to have more than one kiss, before they run off grunting.

When your bunny is full of excitement & happiness, do they

  • a) Perform a few binkies in a row & then casually hop along as normal.
  • b) Binky quite a few times & act like their rear end & head cannot agree on which direction to go next.
  • c) Perform several laps of the exact same route, running at amazing speeds, with plenty of amazing binkies included.

Could your bunny become a therapy bunny?

  • a) Yes, he/she would be ideal – nice & calming.
  • b) No, he/she would lose interest in all the fussing.
  • c) No, they would cause an absolute riot from the word go.

Mostly a’s

The chilled bunny – An extremely well behaved, laid back bunny. A very content & wise bunny, who behaves when you have guests round. Always happy to receive lots of head rubs & bunny kisses. Loves home comforts & keeps their home nice & tidy. Loves to nap & tends to fall asleep by the food bowl.

Mostly b’s

The social bunny – Always wants to know what is going on & likely to disturb you when you are sitting relaxing. Loves spending time with you, but will also gladly let you know when they want time away from you. Does love a fuss, but only when it suits them (usually when nothing else is going on). Can have mood swings & sulk, but doesn’t last long.

Mostly c’s

The bossy bunny – Never stops still, likes you to know that they are in charge, not you. Very hyper & always getting into trouble. Doesn’t take any notice of the word ‘No’ & usually runs off shaking his/her behind at you. Lets you know what they think of you by grunting or thumping at you. Constantly looking for things to do. Demolishes cardboard boxes in minutes & chasing birds makes them feel very proud of themselves.