The types of people who shouldn’t get a pet rabbit!


Lots of people love the idea of getting a rabbit for themselves or for their children, but there are many people that shouldn’t get a rabbit as a pet. Find out from this blog who they are and the reasons why they shouldn’t bring a bunny into their home.

Firstly we would like to make it clear that rabbits are complex animals that require a lot of care and attention. Most people are unprepared for a rabbit. Many don’t know enough about rabbits and how to care for them before they purchase one. People just fall in love with a cute bundle of fluff (usually a baby rabbit) and they don’t think about the reality of bringing a rabbit into their home. People simply don’t realise that rabbits are a huge commitment and also a 10+ year commitment!

Some common misunderstandings about rabbits are…

They’re an easy pet to look after

They’re a cheap pet, that doesn’t live that long

They make an ideal ‘starter’ pet for young children

These beliefs are so wrong and just some of the reasons why so many rabbits end up abandoned or neglected & why so many rabbit rescues are overrun with unwanted bunnies.


Listed below are the types of people that should not get a rabbit

People that think it is ‘Just a rabbit’

People that think rabbits are easy to look after

People who think it is ok to keep a rabbit in a small hutch

People that have no clue about a rabbits emotional, physical & mental needs

People who are likely to abandon the rabbit after only a few months because the attraction has faded

People that don’t understand the importance of spaying & neutering rabbits

People that want to teach their child about responsibility with a pet rabbit

People that think a rabbit will make a good playmate for their young child

People that leave the care of the rabbit up to their children & don’t get involved themselves

People that move house and don’t take the rabbit with them

People who, when starting a family, decide they no longer want the rabbit

People that say they just don’t have time anymore for the rabbit

People who decide to get a dog and want to get rid of the rabbit


It really is about time that these people started taking rabbits seriously. If people stopped buying rabbits on impulse and for the wrong reasons & started to educate themselves first, before purchasing a rabbit, then this would help reduce the numbers of bunnies being abandoned. There are far too many beautiful bunnies in rescues, waiting far too long for a loving home, through no fault of their own!